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HOMETOWN:  Kingsburg, CA

BIRTHDAY: June 22nd 


HERITAGE: Armenian and Italian

SCHOOL: Loyola Marymount University class of 2019

DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts in Dance 

BESIDES DANCE, I ENJOY: Reading, binge watching interesting shows and teaching dance and Pure Barre.


A CHANGE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD: More kindness, empathy, and care for one another​

SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT ME: My birthday falls on the summer solstice and I technically grew up in a Swedish village.​

MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION: People who have shared and taught the love of dance with me, from my early days at The Dance Company to professors from LMU, I wouldn’t be the person or dancer I am today without their guidance.


BIRTHDAY: September 9th



SCHOOL: California State University, Long Beach class of 2022

DEGREE: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance 

BESIDES DANCE, I ENJOY: Either listening to books, drawing, or being in nature. I’ve found although these may not appear to feed into dance, they are actively fostering my movement and creativity.

​SOMETHING I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT: Learning to be a better person and live from love

A CHANGE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD: For everyone to uncover true peace and love for themselves

SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT ME: I'm under 5 feet tall & don’t foresee a growth spurt coming anytime soon.​

MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspiration so far has been this past year that we experienced.I learned a great deal about myself and I was able to find more peace and love than I ever thought was possible. I am so incredibly inspired by the silence that this year brought and every lesson that came with it. 

HOMETOWN: South Jordan, UT

BIRTHDAY: August 26th

HERITAGE: US American; ancestry from Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark for the most part


SCHOOL: University of Utah

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology 


BESIDES DANCE I ENJOY: Traveling to new places with my family

SOMETHING I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT: Teaching because I love sharing knowledge and witnessing growth and change within students. Teaching allows me the space to be creative, challenge myself and others, and build and establish trust with human beings

A CHANGE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD: Public school funding. All kids are deserving of a proper education regardless of where they live/property taxes

SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT ME: I can talk with my mouth closed

MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION IS:  My siblings, Taylor and Jackson. They are both so selfless and have the ability to bring peace to every situation. I love them and am so grateful I get to do life with them!

HOMETOWN: Torrance, CA and Tokyo, Japan

BIRTHDAY: October 27th

HERITAGE: Japanese



DEGREE: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance


BESIDES DANCE I ENJOY: I love cooking, watching the sunset, exploring boba shops, and playing golf (still practicing!)

SOMETHING I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT:Finding humanity and rawness in people, children, movement, and all living things!

A CHANGE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD: I'd like to see more love and compassion towards all people and identities

SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT ME: I work at a preschool and love children!

MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION IS:  My family. They are my roots, they inspire me to achieve something or be the greatest version of myself

HOMETOWN: Kingsburg, CA

BIRTHDAY: April 5th

HERITAGE: US American; ancestry from Spain, Ireland and Europe


SCHOOL: Fresno City College

DEGREE: Graphic Design


BESIDES DANCE I ENJOY: Playing the guitar, going on walks, working on DesignLine and live music

SOMETHING I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT: Music and mental health

A CHANGE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD: being more mindful of others and not judging them. Let people live their life!

SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT ME: I was born three months early and was only 1 lb 7 oz

MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION IS:  My mom. I love the way she always tries something new, even if it doesn't make sense.

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SUMMER 2021 "What's Your Choice (it's beautiful over here)"

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