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Let Us Bleed, Then Heal_photographer Taso Papadakis_00862.JPG

Photo by Taso Papadakis

​Our most recent production ran from 2022-2023. Let us Bleed, Then Heal” explores the entangled process of moving through grief and healing to ultimately discover oneself and claim self-acceptance. Following the death of her mom in 2014, choreographer Hannah Millar (Imprints Founder) takes us on an emotional and deeply personal journey of finding closure after loss. Through movement, music, spoken word, and American Sign Language, this captivating and story-driven dance performance leads viewers through the complexities of navigating a Mother/Daughter relationship, losing someone to cancer, leaving religion, coming out as gay, contemplating the confusions of conditional love, and ultimately finding forgiveness for oneself and others.


In 90 minutes, Imprints dancers aptly embody dynamic emotions to see our own pain reflected in Hannah’s struggle while also posing relevant questions like, “How can we stop allowing wounds to choose our path in life?” and “Can someone ever fully heal from a deep pain? ” Each aspect of this piece ignites emotion and vulnerability as it ​catalogs the betrayal, loneliness, and fraught relationships that Millar experienced throughout the past eight years both with her mother and in romantic relationships. 


Alongside Millar’s deftly crafted choreography the show incorporates meditation, mindful breathing, journaling, Qigong, and Yoga— integral to Millar’s own healing and creativity— which invites the audience to reflect on their own healing of personal wounds.  By transforming pain into peace, joy, and healing the show leaves the audience to ask themselves a universal and lifelong question, “Who am I?”

Who is this show for?

Literally everyone. While the depths of the story are truly relatable to any human, some of the specific themes include:

  • mental health

  • death and grief

  • relationship struggles

  • betrayal

  • lgbtqia

  • leaving religion

  • redemption

  • healing

  • finding peace

Ages 12 & up suggested for mature content


- Jeff Slayton (LA Dance Chronicle)

"Millar's movement style is difficult to categorize. Modern, ballet, contemporary, release technique; they are all there, but Millar has absorbed these styles into her body so that they appear unique to her, once translated onto her five incredible dancers."

Photo by Taso Papadakis


Photo by Taso Papadakis

Let Us Bleed, Then Heal Promo Image_IG_Original 2.jpg

Photo by Taso Papadakis


Photo by Taso Papadakis


Photo by Taso Papadakis

let us bleed, then heal_photographer taso papadakis_00041.JPEG

Photo by Taso Papadakis

Let Us Bleed, Then Heal_photographer Taso Papadakis_01019.jpg

Photo by Taso Papadakis

Photo by Taso Papadakis

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