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Can I get on a waitlist for upcoming workshops?

Yes!  Click to send me an EMAIL 


Who can attend the workshop?

Workshops are open to EVERYONE and ANYONE. There are specific Workshops that are dancer focused, not dancer focused, under 18 years of age, over 18 years of age, etc - you can find a Workshop that fits you perfectly. We also book custom workshops for specific groups, studios, teams, and programs.  Please EMAIL to let us know you are interested!

How long is the workshop?

The Workshop consists of 3 sessions with each session being 3 hours for a total of 9 hours. There is an option to either do it over 3 days, with one session per day OR over 2 days with a morning session and then evening session for day 1 and finishing day 2 with just a morning session.


How many dancers can attend?

The maximum occupancy for the workshop is 25 dancers. If there are more students interested, we can split the groups based off of age. I don’t suggest doing more than 25 per group because it is more possible for me to create a vulnerable, safe space for each dancer where everyone feels like they matter and are seen! 


What is the target age group for the workshop?

The workshop is for anyone 12 years old and up!


What is the price?

Studio prices start at $1500 per workshop (for a 9 hour workshop) and is subject to change depending on how many dancers attend. If I hold an open Workshop for the public, it is $100 per attendee.


Why is Hannah teaching this?

The Soul-Self Workshop was created to build an atmosphere that can share with dancers all of the education and tools I have learned over the years, merging dance with ideas and thoughts from my Athletic Training degree, Yoga Teacher Training, Pilates certification and my practice of Meditation and Breathing Exercises. All of this education has helped me deeply understand not only external awareness but most importantly within my body which has aided in refining my movement. I feel more confident, eager, curious, kind, soft and free...and want to share this with as many people as possible. 

What have people said about the workshop?

See the testimonials HERE

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