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A California-based professional dance company, was founded by Hannah Millar in 2020. The company's first full-length evening show premiered July 2022 and has reached the depths of emotion in viewers, quickly gaining interest & popularity.

Meet Hannah

Founder and Artistic Director

Hannah is passionate about guiding humans to connect to the energy in, and around their bodies to inform their movement from a deeper, more sensitive and authentic place.

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Imprints - Mission 

As a company, we are committed to intentionally connecting to ourselves and patiently reminding ourselves to let go of the fears and doubts that often keep people from feeling free, curious and confident. Our mission is to imprint on our viewers and to share, through dance, our beautiful life stories with others and remind them that they too have the answers within to be happy and free.

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"Let Us Bleed, Then Heal" embodies the universal question that plagues humanity: “who am I?”.


With both movement, spoken word and American Sign Language, this captivating, story-driven work immediately transports viewers deep into Millar’s journey of pain and healing since the death of her Mom in 2014. Millar intuitively allows the audience to peer into her darkest moments: the complexities of a Mother/Daughter relationship, leaving the family religion, coming out as gay, the confusion of conditional love, breakups, loneliness, deep betrayal and losing someone to cancer. 


In 90 minutes, Millar not only allows us to see our own pain reflected in her struggle, she also transforms that pain before our eyes into the peace, joy and healing that can emerge from looking deep into yourself. This story invokes us to ask ourselves transformative questions: How can I stop allowing my wounds to choose my path? Can I really heal my pain? 


The choreography and movement within this masterpiece not only comes to life with the skill of the exquisite Imprints dancers, it’s also infused with the essence of meditation, breathing, journaling, Qigong and Yoga (integral to Millar’s healing and creativity). Every aspect of this piece carries a presence and awareness that ignites emotion and vulnerability within any viewer. It is sure to leave you feeling contemplative of your own journey through this life.



[full length video below]


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Jeff Slayton - LA Dance Chronicle

“Millar’s attention to detail, timing and the flow of action is only evident because there is not one movement or action that feels unnecessary or unimportant. One is left with a stunning work without seeing the process, like a beautifully written book after the editing and rewrites have been completed.”

Rebecca Lemme - Acts of Matter

“The first half of the work lays the stage for both the performers and the audience to quite literally transcend in the second half. This transcendence allows for connection, love, and healing beyond the here and now. Let Us Bleed, Then Heal left me with tears of gratitude and reflection that I will carry with me.”

Genevieve Carson - AMDA Professor

“I was emotionally and viscerally overtaken by this show from this moment it started.  It was an unexpected cathartic experience that caused me to tense, accept, and release.  I found myself fully immersed in Hannah's story while having space to reflect, mourn, and celebrate relationships in my own life.”

Francesco Garripoli - Qigong Master

"Thank you for sharing this... Do more live performances for sure, but this video can hold its own Hannah... It's an amazing offering that you don't need to make any excuses for... I love it... and honor you in every way... and I can feel your mother radiating all around with a smile in her Heart…” 

Jeff Slayton - LA Dance Chronicle

"Her movement style is difficult to categorize. Modern, ballet, contemporary, release technique; they are all there, but Millar has absorbed these styles into her body so that they appear unique to her, once translated onto her five incredible dancers."

Genevieve Carson - AMDA Professor

“The remarkable team of performers demonstrated trust, vulnerability and authenticity from start to finish, and this is a testament to Hannah's direction. It is clear that Hannah approached this process, and the amazing team of artists she collaborated with, with extreme respect and care.”





Company manager 

Director fee 

Lighting designer

Stage manager  

Music player 

Front of house/tickets 




Dancer show food   

Program printing     

Flyer printing     

Press kit        

ASL Interpreter   



Lighting equipment    

Sound equipment    

Rehearsal space

Tech and Dress Rehearsal stage time               Parking fees

Prop travel

Liability insurance




Choreography and Direction:

Hannah Millar


Halie Donabedian, Bailey Holladay, Julia Gonzalez, Jordyn Maxfield, Lexi Amundarain, Lexi Maxfield

ASL Interpreters:

Jill Nolen, Lexi Amundarain, Julia Gonzalez, Jordyn Maxfield


Michael Wall, Olafur Arnalds, Travis Lake, Jonsi & Alex, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Swamp Dogg

Lighting Designer:   Bryanna Brock

Costume Designer:  Mary Leopo

Prop Designer:        Jamie Maxfield

Marketing:             Jamie Maxfield

Acting Coach:        Ashton Norris

$5,000 - $10,000 per show

$3000 per show with dress 

($500 per dancer)

$250 per day

$1000 per show

$200 per day + travel

$150 per day + travel

$100 per show + travel

$100 per show + travel

$400 packet

$250 per show

$250 per show

$100 per day

$3-$5 per program

$100 for 200 flyers

$50 for pre-review and show

$100 per day

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