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Julia Gonzalez

Imprints Company Member since 2020


BIRTHDAY: September 9th



SCHOOL: California State University, Long Beach class of 2022

DEGREE: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance 

BESIDES DANCE, I ENJOY: Either listening to books, drawing, or being in nature. I’ve found although these may not appear to feed into dance, they are actively fostering my movement and creativity.


​SOMETHING I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT: Learning to be a better person and live from love


A CHANGE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD: For everyone to uncover true peace and love for themselves


SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT ME: I am under 5 feet tall, and don’t foresee a growth spurt coming anytime soon.

MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspiration so far has been this past year that we experienced.I learned a great deal about myself and I was able to find more peace and love than I ever thought was possible. I am so incredibly inspired by the silence that this year brought and every lesson that came with it. 

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