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Lexi Maxfield

Imprints Company Member since 2022

HOMETOWN:  Kingsburg, CA


BIRTHDAY: November 24th




HERITAGE: US American; ancestry from Spain, Ireland, and Europe


SCHOOL: Fresno City College


DEGREE: Psychology


BESIDES DANCE, I ENJOY: Drinking coffee, going on a run, playing the piano, being with my dog, yoga, and going to the beach


SOMETHING I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT: Everyone in the world going to therapy 


A CHANGE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD: I would like to see people not be so quick to assume someone’s past. Everyone has a story; we just need to be empathetic and open enough to find the connections between all of us.


SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT ME: I love making Spotify playlists


MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION: I had a therapist in high school that changed my life. Her guidance brought me to love and awareness within myself. She inspired me to want to become a therapist!

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